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The latest news & updates on current and upcoming exhibitions 

Latest Exhibition: 
Beatrice Covassi:
A European Journey

29th of June — 5th of July

Curated by Vittoria Beltrame for The J/M Gallery, Portobello Road, London W11 1LJ

Below are some interviews and coverage of this exhibition.


A European Journey:
In talks with Beatrice Covassi
Video interview filmed in the J/M gallery, 02 July 2022

EU Diplomat, Representative & Artist Beatrice Covassi discusses the European Dream, her fundraising exhibition for Ukraine, and her evolving of practice over the years.


"Ukraine crisis, donation by London-based artist and EU diplomat supports displaced people"
News article from IOM UN Migration, 14 July 2022

"London - Since the outbreak of the war in Ukraine, many civil society organisations and individuals around the world have mobilised in solidarity with those affected by the conflict"...


"'A European Journey' la mostra di Beatrice Covassi"
Interview and exhibition coverage from London Radio One


"Arte, un successo la mostra a Londra della diplomatica Covassi"
Article from , o4 July 2022

"E' stata un successo di pubblico la mostra della diplomatica ed artista Beatrice Covassi curata e organizzata da Vittoria Beltrame presso la J/M Gallery di Londra. L'evento, dal titolo 'Beatrice Covassi: A European Journey', è strettamente collegato all'attualità della guerra in Ucraina"...


"Beatrice Covassi: un viaggio onirico tra i cieli d’Europa"
Article from Londra Italia , 28 June 2022

Si inagura domani, mercoledi 29 giugno, la mostra curata da Vittoria Beltrame che presenta i lavori di  Beatrice Covassi in una esposizione dal titolo “A European Journey” con l’obiettivo di raccogliere fondi da destinare ai rifugiati ucraini...

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